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When our clients come to us asking advice about their vendors, I am keen to tell them that finding a great photographer should be at the top of their list. The couple’s wedding photos will be a tangible record of their monumental day.  The wedding day will go by so fast, and the couple will be chatting with friends and family. They may not notice the little details that have gone into the décor or they may not know that Aunt May was breakdancing. Finding the right photographer also helps capture the feeling of the day. Finding a photographer’s style that you connect with is of the utmost importance. Many photographers are offering an engagement session as part of their package. We encourage our clients to take engagement photos with their chosen wedding day photographer. This gives both the photographer and the couple a chance to get to know each other before the big day and get accustomed to each other’s style. It will also helps the couple get a little more comfortable in front of the camera. This can only make the wedding day photos better.

The engagement session is a fabulous chance for the couple to show off their style, their hobbies and their love for each other. Take the advantage of the opportunity and make the most of it. There’s a really good chance that you won’t get professional photos of this caliber taken together very often.

Makeup and Hair

We’ve had clients who’ve coupled their engagement session with their hair and makeup trials. What a fantastic idea (if your hair and makeup person has done a  great job)! In any case, we highly recommend that ladies get their makeup done or at the very least, watch a youtube tutorial on how to apply makeup for the camera. We aren’t suggesting that you ‘do it up’- you can certainly still look and feel like yourself, but a little extra foundation, some translucent powder and tinted lip-gloss goes a long way in front of the camera!


Take a little extra time to really think about what you both will wear and how to coordinate a bit. Now, that doesn’t mean you should both wear the same colors or clothes- it simply means to dress similarly with thought to how you both will look together in the photos. Monochromatic color families are easiest to coordinate and It’s a good idea to avoid loose clothing and turtlenecks. Lighter colors will make the subject look bigger while darker colors do the opposite. You’ll often hear to avoid patterns, but we’ve seen couples wear patterned clothing and it has looked fabulous. If in doubt, ask your photographer or take a phone snapshot and check it out on the screen.

Location, Location, Location!

Do you like the outdoors? Or do you spend most of your time indoors? Shooting in a meadow might be the ideal for you, but another couple may love the idea of shooting in a library. There are a lot options once you think about the things you like to do together. We recently had some clients that had their photos taken while wake boarding. What better way to showcase their personalities?

Props and Pets

We love the idea of bringing your dog to the shoot, if it fits the location. Or maybe you have a pet bird or ferret that’s a part of your family? Bring the little love of yours, but just make sure there’s a place for your pet or someone else to watch it when you aren’t including it in the photos. We are also a huge fan of props. Photos turn out wonderfully when styled to look like a page out of a magazine. You don’t need many items for this idea. A suitcase or wooden letters can add so much to a photo. We’ve seen couples take a blanket and picnic basket to a park and the photographer captured their romantic picnic.  There are companies that rent out items such as banners, signs and antique chairs. 
If you want help with ideas, ask your photographer if they know a stylist or wedding planner who can put together your ‘magazine’ shot.

Your engagement photos are an opportunity for incredible heirloom art in your home. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make the experience memorable!

 Make your photos ‘frame-able!’


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