innovative + intentional + elevated



Elise Seagren, Owner + Event Maker

I’ve always been one to get caught up in the atmosphere of a place. I appreciate the way one minor detail can influence the rhetoric of a room just as much as the focal points. Whether in an urban environment or in the grandeur of nature, I believe that focal points should never be drowned out by arbitrary clutter, and every design decision be backed with thoughtful intention. This quiet passion developed when I was young, always getting lost in my mind when the lighting is dimmed just so, or when the music covertly shifts the mood. These are the emotional and visual subtleties that I believe transforms a good gathering into an indelible experience. The beauty of the work that my team and I do is that the possibilities for these moments are endless. I am inspired by merging traditional ideas with bold, innovative concepts, so that every event is an unmistakable reflection of our client.   


Nicole Reither, Lead Event Maker

Ever since I can remember I have been intrigued by the way events made me feel, whether it is the overall aesthetic of the room or the small details such as the change of music as the night progresses from romantic and whimsical to fun and playful. As I grew, my love for the event industry continued to expand as I explored different forms of planning. From corporate events to weddings, no event should look, feel or be the same. At Revel + Bloom our team strives for innovative designs that bring a level of elevation to each and every couple that walks through our door. I am inspired by those couples, their story and the intention to bring them a day that allows a tangible experience, representative of their love.